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Agent support

1、high quality, high quality
2、the image support
3、reported advertising costs
4、to send materials
5、to provide professional training
6、advertising support
7、the end of the year back to
8、opening support
9、after-sales support
10、the original agent to support

GOER About
  • Independently

    R & D innovation upgrade

  • Product

    Product line rich

  • 1 million

    Sales innovation high


Strengthen the terminal market and provide brand image
TV ads, local ads, TV ads
Network promotion, a variety of magazines, newspapers and periodicals, soft advertising
Large outdoor advertising, ground advertising
Brand publicity, event speculation, news media publicity
Strengthen internal sales system and sales team
Large supermarket chains, flagship stores, chain stores
All kinds of public welfare activities, investment, program recording
Cultural construction, image building, gifts, gifts
Other printing, printing, advertising, advertising and so on

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